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Among the many fetishes and kinks we might all be aware of, adult nursing relationships are one of the ones currently seeping its way out into the open and becoming slightly less taboo. The interesting thing is, although adult nursing might be considered a fetish, it’s not actually always sexual. Lots of people choose to have an adult nursing relationship for a variety of reasons – to feel comfortable, to feel nurtured because it relaxes them or to feel turned on using it as oral. If you’re curious about what adult nursing is and why people do it, then this is the right place to find out all of that information. If you are already in an adult nursing relationship, or you’re trying to get to grips with it, we’re also going to take a look at how you can induce lactation for your husband. Adult nursing relationships ANR exist when two consenting adults come together and breastfeed together. The man if you are in a heterosexual relationship will suckle the woman’s breast, and she will breastfeed him. The person that’s getting breastfed doesn’t normally try to act like they are a baby – it’s not usually infantilized. The couple might feel sexual during the act of nursing, or they might simply feel comforted by it. It’s important to note that the woman doesn’t have to be pregnant or have just had a baby for her to be in an adult nursing relationship.

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What is an ANR/ABF relationship?

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Most couples experience a deep bonding through adult nursing. They may find it difficult to open apart for both physical and emotional reasons. They learn to open better and resolve issues faster; often out of necessity. Differences want to be put aside to join back together even if for practical reasons. Soon things that once seemed like big differences become smaller Excerpt from a GiftofMilk.

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Actually a lady doesn’t have to have been pregnant in order to lactate. All that is required is enough steady suckling on a regular basis for a woman to produce a chemical called prolactin which will start the lactation process. I’m a 31 year old male in and around the Memphis area. Would be interesting in talking to see a about pursuing that type of relationship.

Shoot me an email if you would like offatharocker gmail. I am looking for a partner but I am in Tn. I have started some in less than a week but had milk first day. Hello, I’m Jon I would greedly suckle your milk out with loud suckle noises if ya let meh, my kik is yomomma my email is thedickinabox gmail. Hi I am very interested in this lifestyle.

I am in OC and travel to LA frequently. Please contact me at samloveumore yahoo. Ditto on my comments above to you and your hubby. Any tips for some one who is thinking about this and where to go online for someone else to enjoy too. I’d be happy to help you out!

Inside the Misunderstood World of Adult Breastfeeding

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Adult Nursing Relationship ANR Definition – An adult nursing relationship (ANR) is a partnership between a breastfeeding adult, usually a male.

An adult nursing relationship ANR is a partnership between a breastfeeding adult, usually a male, and a female who breastfeeds him. People in adult nursing relationships enjoy the intimate bond that nursing creates, inspired by the release of oxytocin for the woman. Many also feel comforted by nursing, perhaps as they remember the calm they felt when soothed by their mothers as infants. Adult nursing relationships can form naturally between an established couple.

On other occasions people seek out people they can form adult nursing relationships with. Online communities help connect people who want to breastfeed with lactating women happy to breastfeed adults. Sometimes people in adult nursing relationships participate in age play, where the breastfeeding adult is an adult baby.

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It is only considered to be an adult nursing relationship (ANR) when the ANRs are reliant on trusting and stable long-term relationships.

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