Bowen Yang of ‘S.N.L.’ Is a Smash. And a Mensch.

Don Draper spent the majority of this sixth season of Mad Men in a violent downward spiral , thrashing and flailing and tearing down his co-workers and family in cruel desperation. He drank himself sick, rampantly cheated on his wife, scarred his daughter, and vindictively fought against his colleagues with cold bastard cruelty. To escape the horrors of his childhood as the unloved orphan Dick Whitman, Don has carefully constructed a new image, built on lies and with thick walls that kept the world from ever getting inside. No one — save for Pete Campbell — at work knew his truth, and even as he wrecked everything around him, his identity stayed safe. He fucked up account after account, sweated and cried and experienced a brush with death, all as Don Draper. Early in this episode, Don decides that he needs a change. He punches an aggressive minister — as he rattles off a list of ‘s atrocities, he says, “Jesus has had a bad year” — and finds himself in jail. The next morning, he convinces Megan that they’ve got to go to L.

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Jon Hamm, 49, Dating Jon Hamm reportedly has a new woman in his life! The year-old actor is dating Anna Osceola , 32, according to Us Weekly. Anna was a guest star on the season finale of Mad Men in , so she briefly shared the screen with Jon on the hit AMC show.

Deconstructing the final scene of “Mad Men”: What does it all mean? Did Don find his peace? Did he really create that famous Coke ad? More information.

JavaScript is required to view our full story experience. Please enable JavaScript in your browser preferences. Here are suggestions for some television shows that might be able to replace what you love about the “Mad”-ness in your life. Once you saw that artsy black silhouette jumping from the top of a tall building as advertisements flash by, you knew you would be hooked.

Then, go back to sipping your old fashioned and scribbling those brilliant advertising ideas on a dirty cocktail napkin. Both women are highly suspicious that their spouses are cheating on them — and both of them are right that their husbands are up to no good. Skylar and Betty are in a similar situation in that both have to deal with their reclusive husbands, whose behavior grows more erratic with time.

Skylar knows that her husband, Walter, is lying to her face, but it takes her a while before she gets enough evidence to prove her theory. Until that time, she keeps him on his toes, creating some of the most tense scenes in the show. How does that dreamy Don Draper get all the women, be highly successful at his job and still manage to look that good? In fact, since Jon Hamm hosted the Oct. That same episode also features severalcameos from other “Mad Men” stars, so check it out to get your fix.

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January Jones brought a barrel of ’50s-era glam to ” Saturday Night Live ” this week, playing various versions of her mid-century “Mad Men” character Betty in sketches while hosting the hit program. The NBC improv show took advantage of Jones’ ability to play the perfect ’50s wife, putting the blonde bombshell into roles that included Hitchcock movie star Grace Kelly and a homemaker giving advice on how to plan a cocktail party.

Jones’ portrayal of Kelly in a parody of the Hitchcock classic “Rear Window” featured Jones trying not to crack a smile as her character repeatedly emitted gas from underneath her floaty poodle skirt. The actress mocked gender stereotypes in “A Ladies Guide to Party Planning,” which featured Jones as a ’50s housewife who advised other party-planning wives to “nod and smile” at their husband’s patronizing stories and to avoid newspapers so they don’t “get ideas. Jones strayed from “Mad Men”-style roles for a part in “Cloud Gazing,” which saw her play a modern woman on an awkward picnic date, and “Around the Town,” which starred Jones as a Dairy Queen ice-cream worker.

Jon Hamm aka Don Draper from Mad Men, he is from St. Louis and discovering new products & trends to getting advice on dating, fitness, grooming & more.

By Owen Gleiberman. Chief Film Critic. The movie is a precious indie bauble that has already whiffed at the specialty box office. It now mints franchises that are bigger than any one star. His look alone — the inky perfect hair, the thrusting chin and reluctant smile, the killer eyes that could melt or freeze you — was worthy of We now inhabit a culture so fickle that there are those who would write off Hamm as a one-hit wonder.

Gwyneth Paltrow to host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Pop culture views, TV recaps, spoilers, rumors and trash talk about ‘stars’ you probably like. Is Jon Hamm the perfect human being? I miss Greg. Alec Baldwin used to be the best 21st century SNL host, but in his third round Jon Hamm handily displaces Baldwin who is no slouch himself.

If you’re one of the millions of viewers who are eagerly awaiting Don Draper’s “​Saturday Night Live” took a crack at the case and came up with, “Don Meredith wrestled with the same decision when she was dating McDreamy and McVet.

These celebrities had an even better year. I would have included stars like Creed ‘s Michael B. Between the final season of Parks and Recreation and Modern Romance : An Investigation , a research-based book that effortlessly combines dating, comedy, and psychology, Aziz Ansari had an incredible year. To put it over the top, Master of None , the Netflix original series that Ansari co-created, co-wrote, and stars in is one of the most talked about new series of A realistic and refreshing take on young adults in the 21st century, the series tackles everyday issues like dating, parents, and a haunted ghost named Baby Justin that last one was a joke.

Tom Haverford would be proud. My sister declares Cohen as her 1 crush of , so the appeal is prevalent. The film is about an Irish girl, Eilis, moving to Brooklyn in the s.

Who Is Jon Hamm Dating? She Has A Very Famous Ex

Still, Hamm and Shookus sparked rumors that they are dating when they were spotted together at a Broadway show on Sunday. People and other outlets raised the question of whether Shookus, 39, has moved on from Ben Affleck in the romance department by taking up with another tall, dark, handsome and famous actor. When they were talking to one another, they locked eyes and were smiling the whole time.

Shookus had an on-off relationship with Affleck that may have begun when he was still married to Jennifer Garner, according to reports.

The Falconer, SNL. The story of The Falconer was basically Don Draper gives it all up and goes Grizzly Adams. And we wish it too had run for.

Jon Hamm has confirmed that he will guest host on the new season of Saturday Night Live. The first time I hosted was a Halloween show as well,” he said. When asked by Fallon for his favorite show sketch, he replied: “I did a sketch that Will Forte wrote where he was a trick-or-treater but he was dressed – the character – as a child molester. There was some confusion as to whether that was a costume or he was actually going door to door and informing people if he was a child molester! Fallon then commented that he thought the sketch had originally been written for Brian Williams, to which Hamm responded: “Interesting story!

As we were rehearsing it Forte comes back from a break and has an ashen look He has this note in his hand. Why is there some idiot in a Charlie Brown sweater doing my sketch? Lose my number! Love Brian Williams. Fallon then joked that Williams was “obsessed” with Mad Men and SNL and Hamm should be careful because the news host could just turn up anywhere. The camera then panned to reveal Williams staring in at Hamm and Fallon from a door at the side of the stage.

Career Watch: As ‘Mad Men’ Enters Its Final Season, Can Jon Hamm Rebrand Himself as a Movie Star?

Seven years on, much has changed for everyone and everything involved with the show — even some of the products woven into it. As the series embarks on the first half of its final season — the second half arrives next year — we look at that altered landscape. The film had a middling reception last fall at the Toronto film festival but is expected soon to have a distribution deal that will bring it to theaters this year.

If a film career fails to take off, Weiner, whose penchant for secrecy is famous, could get a gig at the National Security Agency.

After leaving Saturday Night Live in , Maya has appeared in it was such a painful — I don’t remember if I ever did proper grieving.

Paltrow won a new legion of fans when she sang a version of the rapper’s hit, “Forget You,” on a November episode of the TV musical “Glee. The actress, whose “Country Strong” expands from a limited release to theaters across the United States on January 7, told Reuters in December she had never met Cee Lo, even though he publicly praised her for her version of the song.

Paltrow said she was looking forward to talking to the singer, not just because she loved his music but she wanted to ask the rapper a specific question dealing with her dad. Her father, Bruce Paltrow, was a director and producer who died in of complications from cancer and pneumonia. Elsewhere,’ which was the name of my dad’s show,” said Paltrow. So, I wonder if there’s any connection there, or if he just liked the name.

In “Country Strong,” Paltrow portrays a country music singer who mounts a comeback tour following her own struggles with alcohol and drug abuse.

25 Yr. Old Jon Hamm on “The Big Date” Game Show (1996)

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