How Old is This New Tire?

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How Old are your Tires? Your Safety may Depend on the Answer

If you’ve ever wondered how old your tires are, it’s an easy bit of information to find out. Tires actually have a “born-on” date, and it’s listed right on the tire itself. Almost everything you need to know about your tires is molded into the sidewall and coded according to federal requirements, including the specific week and year when a tire was made. To read the date on a tire, look near the edge of the rim for a series of characters starting with the letters DOT.

This code can tell you the manufacturer of the tire and the factory where it was made, as well as provide lot-specific information used for tracking in case of a recall. The last four digits of this code tell you when your tire was manufactured.

Tires, like most other auto parts, are built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Unlike other car parts, however, tire manufacturers always give an estimate​.

The chronological age of any tire can be found on the tire sidewall by examining the characters following the symbol “DOT”. The last four numbers identify the date of manufacture of the tire to the nearest week. The first two of these four numbers identify the week of manufacture which range from “01” to “53”. The last two numbers identify the year of manufacture e. For tires manufactured prior to the year , three numbers instead of four indicate the date of manufacture.

We recommend: All tires including spare tires that were manufactured more than ten years ago should be replaced with new tires, even if they appear to be usable from their external appearance and if the tread depth may have not reached the minimum wear out depth. Switch now to summer tires from Continental. You are here: Homepage Technology Tyre knowledge Tire age. Tire age What do you need to know about the age of your tires? Technical Customer Service.

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Reading a Sidewall

The average life of a tire is five to seven years. If you drive a vehicle every day, you’ll probably wear out the tread in less than five. RVs spend most of their time sitting still.

The Department of Transportation (DOT) insignia is your tire’s identification number. Think of it as a birth certificate for your tire. It shows the plant where your tire.

The width indicates the widest point of a tire from sidewall to sidewall. Some tires have a P or LT in front of the tire width, identifying them for passenger or light truck use. The aspect ratio is the dimensional relationship of the section height to the section width. Tires with an “R” indicate radial tire construction. The load index number and speed symbol correspond to the maximum load-carrying capacity of the tire and its maximum speed capability.

The diameter is the size of the wheel from one side to the other. The DOT tire identification number indicates compliance with all safety standards established by the U.

Tire Specs: Understanding the Numbers on Your Tires

I agree to the use of cookies and tracking mechanisms which are used to analyse my activity on this website in order to improve my user experience. Find out more. A tires sidewall protects the carcass on the inside and provides a comfortable riding experience due to its flexibility during cornering.

Note that tires after the year tires have a 4-digit code. The code is very similar except the year code is now 2 digits. Somebody realized that using a single.

JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Tire age is a tricky subject at Coker Tire, because we manufacture NEW tires that look like old tires. There can be some confusion in regard to tire age, and that’s why we wanted to put together this guide to decoding your tire and therefore determining the tire’s age.

The tire industry has some loose guidelines on tire age that call for tire replacement after 6 to 10 years of service. On a daily driver, you’ll likely wear out the tread before the year window, but on a collector vehicle, the tire could expire well before the tread is gone. Even if a car is stored inside and the tires pass a visual inspection no cracks, dry-rot or other visible deterioration we typically suggest replacement after 10 years if you plan on driving it.

Switch now to summer tires from Continental.

Tires, like most other auto parts, are built to withstand a great deal of wear and tear. Unlike other car parts, however, tire manufacturers always give an estimate for about how long a tire should last. The estimates themselves can range greatly for each tire, but you’ll usually see a manufacturer listing of how many tens of thousands of miles you may expect out of that particular tire.

When it comes to car part longevity, however, there are always circumstances when the auto part information given by a manufacturer may not apply. In the case of tires, the estimate of how long a tire can last is based primarily on the tread wear. But some safety advocates want to add an expiration date of six years onto each tire, regardless of how much tread is left on them.

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Setting The Record Straight On Motorcycle Tire Age

The following outline is provided as an overview of and topical guide to tires:. Tire North American or tyre British — ring-shaped covering that fits around a wheel rim to protect it and enable better vehicle performance by providing a flexible cushion that absorbs shock while keeping the wheel in close contact with the ground. Firestone and Ford tire controversy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Overview of and topical guide to tires.

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Federal safety regulators suggest replacing tires after six years, regardless of use. Danielle Escalante courtesy: Escalante family. But in June , the back tire blew out on the President George Bush Turnpike, according to an incident report. Escalante said she never hit any debris. The National Transportation Safety Board deemed aging tires a safety concern in a report released in But the National Highway Safety Traffic Administration has stopped short of requiring the industry to print an expiration date.

In a statement, the U. Tire Manufacturers Association argues the life of a tire cannot be predicted by age alone. Service and storage conditions vary widely, and proper maintenance and periodic inspections by a tire professional are essential for optimum performance and service life. Consumers play a primary role in the regular care and maintenance of their tires. USTMA recommends that people inspect — regularly — all tires installed on your vehicle, including spares.

During monthly maintenance inspections, focus on proper inflation pressure, tread wear and tire damage cuts, cracks, bulges. This inspection is important even if your vehicle has a tire pressure monitoring system. In these cases, we recommend consumers immediately consult a tire service professional to inspect the tire and determine if it needs to be removed for replacement or safe repair.

How to: Read Tire Date Codes

All new tires sold in the United States must have a DOT number cured into the lower sidewall of one side of the tire. This code has a standard format which has been designated by the federal government. Some manufacturers place an additional code with a specific serial, which identifies the specific tire model a tire type code. This optional number is located on the sidewall opposite the DOT number.

When tires get old, the rubber loses is elasticity (gets hard) and then when the Lastly, here is another example of pre dated tire, and what happened to it.

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China tires dates

If not — you should. They may last another three years, but your tread has little to do with it. What is more essential is the age of the tire. Tires are made of rubber, obviously, and when rubber gets old, it starts to dry and crack often times from the inside out — this process is not always visible to the naked eye. Until recently, I had no idea that the age of the tire mattered.

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How to stretch a tire… and how you don’t.

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