The Jewish fear of intermarriage

Question: We are a middle-of-the road Orthodox, shul-going family. Although she is willing to let any children be brought up as Jewish, we are still unhappy. Should we try to discourage the relationship or try to make the best of things? Do you really think that you can discourage your son from marrying the woman he loves? In all my years as a communal rabbi, I have never once met a parent who was able to discourage a child from marrying out, once the child had set his or her heart on it. The time for dissuasion and arguments is before the child starts dating non-Jews. At that point you are opposing an idea not a person.

How do I react to my daughter dating a non-Jew?

After each relationship ended, the men went on to marry women of their own faith. Oh, the outcry. And then, the mirth. Do Jewish men really harbour a fantasy about non-Jewish women, particularly those of the blonde variety? And is their true desire to settle down with someone of their own religion?

him converse with my son, then a high school student, explaining the importance of the. “individuality” of , 52% married a non-Jewish spouse; of the , children of When I was growing up, interfaith dating was forbidden.

A resident of my community, a Jew married to a non-Jew who does not practice any other religion, wishes to become a rabbi. She has been told that, because of her marriage, she will not be admitted into the Hebrew Union College-Jewish Institute of Religion. She wishes to know why, as a believing Jew who is committed to Jewish life, she cannot be accepted into our seminary as a candidate for the Reform rabbinate. Moreover, an individual in such a relationship will not be accepted as a student in the rabbinical or cantorial program at the College-Institute.

Still, we have been asked for our opinion as to this particular rule, and in our opinion the rule is a good one. We give it our full and unqualified support. Jewish law prohibits mixed marriage, that is, a marriage between a Jew and a non-Jew in which the non-Jewish spouse does not convert to Judaism. The situation has changed, however, primarily as a result of two factors. The first of these is the rise in the incidence of mixed marriage among American Jews and the acceptance of this fact within the community.

The Shiksa

I have a daughter who was dating a non-Jewish guy. In order to be with him and out of our disapproving sight she moved far away. Now she wants to come back home. We are willing to accept her, but not if she is willing to hold on emotionally to this young man. We stand firm in that if he is not a Jew then we can’t see her being with him.

Any Jew wants to see his son marry a Jewish girl,’ says politician the Jewish people by not preventing his son from dating a non-Jewish girl.

How the Rebbe helped a young man contemplating an intermarriage. Read the Rebbe’s first response. A young man torn between his faith and his personal life comes to the Rebbe for help. Can the Rebbe save him from himself? Rabbi Slavaticki Relates:. I first met Daniel at the Chabad House when someone brought him over for a visit.

A tall young man, with a refined and intelligent face, he worked in computer operations for the European Common Market. Sometimes it can take weeks, months, or even years until two people make a connection.

Why would anyone care if Yair Netanyahu is dating a Gentile?

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I did have gentile and Jewish friends, but the friends with % Jewish heritage were raised as secular as me – complete with Christmas trees. My father did.

It alienates so many members of our community. This kind of baseless comparison does little other than inflame and offend. Israel claims to be a state for the Jewish people. For example, a Christian cannot marry a Jew. Gay marriage is forbidden. A Jew wanting to marry a Palestinian from the occupied, Palestinian territories faces incredible hardships. Your mission is one of saving, of looking outward from the confines of the community you will be serving.

I expect each and every one of you to work hard and think how you can save another Jew [from assimilation]. The key lies more in your inner strength than in ideology. The level and extent of racism within Israeli society towards non-Jews is shocking to witness. Barely a week goes by without another Israeli commentator publicly demeaning the lives of non-Jews. Decades of Israeli control over Palestine, and the required physical and moral brutality to do so, have coarsened Israeli Jewish society to such an extent that non-Jewish lives are often seen as less equal than Jewish blood.

The larger political battle over Jewish identity is not really about marriage or dating at all. Mainstream Jewish organisations shun these Jews, claiming that real Jews are Zionist and passionate defenders of the Jewish state.

Rebbe I want marry a non-Jew

Shawna Yaffe, born a Jew, celebrated what should have been one of the happiest days of her life, her parents went into mourning. On Aug. A few days later, her parents placed their daughter’s obituary in the weekly Jewish Post newspaper, requesting that “no condolences be sent or memorials be made.

Judaism’s deep-seated cultural attachment to endogamy has made Jews “who marry non- Jews feel ‘less than’ in the Jewish community and it.

On the website of Hiddush, a nonprofit organization that promotes religious freedom and equality in Israel, there is a world map showing countries that restrict freedom of marriage. And Israel is no exception. Marriage in the Jewish state is a complex matter, and is almost entirely under the purview of religious authorities. There is no civil marriage. Jews can only be married in a religious ceremony, by an Orthodox rabbi under the authority of the Chief Rabbinate, the top religious authority for Jews in Israel.

This means there is also no interfaith marriage between Jews and non-Jews, since Orthodox Judaism does not allow mixed unions. Israelis who belong to other streams of Judaism, such as Reform or Conservative, must still tie the knot in front of an Orthodox rabbi in a traditional ceremony if they want their marriage to be recognized by the state.

Click here for more on mixed marriages in Israel: A special project by Haaretz for Shavuot Other religious authorities recognized by Israel, including those of Muslims and of Christian denominations, also do not perform interfaith marriages, so a Jew cannot marry a Muslim or a Christian unless one member of the couple converts to the faith of his or her partner.

Islamic law technically allows for a Muslim man to marry a Christian or a Jewish woman, as long as their children are raised Muslim, but Muslim clerics and scholars frown on the practice. In , in an attempt to solve this issue, the Knesset passed a law that recognizes civil unions, but only if both partners are registered as not belonging to any religion. Civil rights groups criticized the law for being too restrictive and stigmatizing because, in practice, it forces these immigrants to marry only amongst themselves.

It’s not your son’s girlfriend’s job to seek Judaism. It’s your son’s.

Judaism maintains that the righteous of all nations have a place in the world to come. This has been the majority rule since the days of the Talmud. Judaism generally recognizes that Christians and Moslems worship the same G-d that we do and those who follow the tenets of their religions can be considered righteous in the eyes of G-d. Contrary to popular belief, Judaism does not maintain that Jews are better than other people.

Why is Jewish man not allowed to marry a non-Jewish woman? 17 Answers. Michael Safyan, American Jewish World Citizen. Interfaith event participant.

Any Jew Yair Netanyahu, a year-old student, is thought to be dating a Norwegian woman after the pair met at the prestigious Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya, Israel, which they both attend. According to a report in the Norwegian newspaper Dagen, when the Israeli leader met Norwegian premier Erna Solberg at the World Economic Forum in Davos last week, he mentioned that Yair had a Norwegian girlfriend, year-old Sandra Leikanger, and that the couple had visited Norway last summer.

Mr Netanyahu has not escaped criticism from within his own party either. His father is proud of him and gives legitimacy to the assimilation and destruction of the Jewish people. You can find our Community Guidelines in full here.

Born to a non-Jewish mother

It would be normal for him to be fairly disconnected at his age; having children pulls most of us back into religious communities. For me, it was my marriage to a Jewish man that motivated me to convert to Judaism. I wanted our family to be unified in our practice. As I got more involved, I developed friendships and connections that have drawn me deeply into my Jewish identity and practice. The real question is: How does your child relate to their own Jewishness? This conversation really hurt my feelings.

A resident of my community, a Jew married to a non-Jew who does not As our Conference has written, “It is a mitzvah for a Jew to marry a Jew so that the.

All marriages are mixed marriages. Catholics know this. It does not matter if both partners are committed Roman Catholics, were even raised in the same church, attended the same catechism classes in the same dank basement, were confirmed on the same day by the same bishop and matriculated at the same Catholic college. Among Catholic couples you may still find that one prefers this kind of Mass and one that kind, one adores the current pope and the other loathes him. One is committed to raising the children within the faith, while the other will give the children latitude to come to their own conclusions about God and the universe.

And I always imagine, as a Jew, that Roman Catholics have it easy.

Interfaith marriage in Judaism

An acquaintance gave a few of us a ride after the annual post-Yom Kippur feast. Stuffed with bagels, lox, kugel, and every kind of pound cake imaginable, the four of us chatted happily about life in D. Debates about intermarriage, or marriage outside of the faith, are common in the Jewish community, but her question still struck me as remarkable. Here were four twentysomething women who hardly knew each other, already talking about the eventuality of marriage and apparently radical possibility that we would ever commit our lives to someone unlike us.

If the same question had been asked about any other aspect of our shared identities—being white, being educated, coming from middle or upper-middle class backgrounds—it would have seemed impolite, if not offensive.

Netanyahu’s son, Yair, has apparently been dating a non-Jewish Norwegian His uncle, Hair Ben-Artzi, says if the two marry he “would bury” himself, while.

Q: Recently, our twenty year old daughter called from college to announce that she is bringing home her first serious boyfriend for Rosh Hashanah. He is an A student, the leader of his a cappella group, and involved in community service. Before she introduced him to us, she warned us that although he is a great person, he is not Jewish. We had always expected and hoped that she would date only Jewish guys, and we had talked about this ad nauseam before she left for college. The truth is, we were a little hurt that she rebelled against us.

She had a strong Jewish education and continued Hebrew lessons throughout high school. We observe Shabbat weekly and celebrate all of the holidays. My daughter has been to Israel and remains an active member of Hillel on her campus. We lectured her on the importance of marrying someone Jewish and of raising Jewish children. She ended up in tears. A: First, your daughter was probably not thinking about rebelling against you when she decided to date this young man.

Observation: ‘But she’s not Jewish’

Interfaith marriage in Judaism also called mixed marriage or intermarriage was historically looked upon with very strong disfavour by Jewish leaders, and it remains a controversial issue among them today. In the Talmud and all of resulting Jewish law until the advent of new Jewish movements following the Jewish Enlightenment, the ” Haskala “, marriage between a Jew and a gentile is both prohibited, and also void under Jewish law. The Talmud holds that a marriage between a Jew and a non Jew is both prohibited and also does not constitute a marriage under Jewish law.

Christian rulers regarded unions between Jews and Christians unfavourably, and repeatedly prohibited them under penalty of death. Gradually, however, many countries removed these restrictions, and marriage between Jews and Christians and Muslims began to occur. In Moses of Coucy induced the Jews bespoused by such marriages to dissolve them.

What motivates an individual Jew to choose to marry a non-Jew? challenges, starting when an adult child announces his or her decision to marry a Gentile.

Here is some advice that I often give to such parents which is really just a variation on advice that I give to parents of adult children in general :. Your child can love their partner and they can love being Jewish—and they can love you too! You probably have lots of questions: Will they have a Jewish wedding? Are they going to have a Jewish home? How are they going to raise their children? Let them know through your words, and even more important, your actions that you respect their right to make decisions on their own time frame and to share them with you when they are ready.

It may be very upsetting to you that your daughter has decided not to be married by your rabbi or that she is going to have a Christmas tree in her home. But she is an adult and these are decisions for her and her partner to make, not for you to make. Odds are that she already knows how you feel about these things and if you critique everything she tells you then she may not want to keep sharing with you. Be honest, but respectful. Your daughter may share with you some of the challenges she is dealing with in her interfaith relationship.

So how do you know what she wants? Invite her to participate in Jewish events and celebrations—that is, if these are things you would be doing anyway. Talk to other parents whose children have intermarried.

‘I’m not going to marry a non-Jewish woman’ #lovelinks

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